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We, factory of non woven filmed & melt blown fabric

Shaoxing SunoTex was established in 2013 and is a new type of enterprise specializing in the production of composite functional nonwoven products. At present, the main products are: functional film and functional composite non-woven fabric, ultra-wide medical surgical hole towel cloth, medical accessories, polymer dust-free paper composite non-woven fabric, disposable waterproof and breathable composite non-woven fabric (impregnated cloth), Antistatic and anti-alcoholic composite non-woven fabric, composite spunlace fabric, etc.


At present, there are 20+ employees with a college degree or above among the staff of the company, and the average age of the employees is 29 years old. Have a high-quality product development and quality control engineering team and a proficient and experienced marketing team. Our team is composed of a group of energetic post-80s, with a rich and reasonable knowledge structure, and strong innovation and management capabilities.


SunoTex takes “manufacturing high-quality products and providing users with the best service” as our mission, and is committed to “becoming an innovator in the non-woven composite industry and a highly competitive new-type material manufacturer in the industry”. Teamwork creates efficiency, professional skills guarantee quality” as a corporate culture with core values, abide by integrity, serve customers, and provide quality products.


In 2020, with covid-19 sweeping the world, the demand for personal protective equipment has soared. SunoTex has invested a huge amount of money to establish a melt blown cloth production plant to supply high-quality and qualified melt blown raw materials for global mask manufacturers, and help global epidemic prevention.


Enterprise spirit: rigorous, honest, professional, high-quality

Business philosophy: Create value with technology, win the market with quality, and serve customers with integrity

nonwoven filmed production

We have 2 internationally advanced medical non-woven fabric composite lines, 2 automated slitting quality inspection production lines, and 1 multi-functional non-woven fabric post-processing production line; the company’s annual composite production capacity reaches more than 30 million square meters. The international advanced non-woven fabric composite production equipment introduced by the company uses environmentally friendly composite glue to improve product composite fastness while ensuring product and environmental safety; and multifunctional post-processing equipment is used to improve the hydrophilicity of non-woven fabrics. Anti-alcohol, anti-static and other properties. In order to cooperate with the production of such products, the company has established a clean workshop and adopted 5S on-site management methods. Our company implements the ISO 13485 medical device quality management system to ensure that our products are produced under systematic management.

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