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The uses of non-woven fabric keep increasing due to the versatile range of applications it serves. Most importantly, it is now being utilized to replace the traditional fabric in a wide range of applications. This is because the non-woven fabric is easy and cheap to manufacture; that is why non-woven fabric manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for non-woven fabric.

 But this increase in consumption of non-woven fabric has produced a gap in supply and demand; this has made room for the new and inexperienced entrants to make their place in this industry. They are producing sub-par quality non-woven fabric which fails to serve the intended purpose it is used for. This is why it is better to purchase from experienced and incumbent non-woven fabric manufacturers. So avoid cheaply available non-woven fabric and opt only for non-woven fabric factory, suppliers, or manufacturers that have been in business for a fair amount of time.

SSMMS Non-Woven Fabric:

Medical Ssmms Non Woven Fabric at Best Price in Mumbai ...

The wide range of non-woven fabrics includes a large variety. Among them, one name is SSMMS non-woven fabric, which is a highly popular fabric that is in high demand these days. Though available as a single-layered fabric. Its original composition is of five different layers. The basic composition of SSMMS non-woven fabric is as following:

  • The first layer consists of Spunbond non-woven fabric.
  • The second layer also comprises of Spunbond non-woven fabric.
  • The third layer is of Meltblown non-woven fabric.
  • The fourth layer also consists of Meltblown non-woven fabric.
  • The fifth and final layer is again made of Spunbond non-woven fabric.

The five layers combine to form a single-layered fabric known as SSMMS non-woven fabric. Due to the increased number of layers, the fabric is quite strong and serves a variety of function in different industries; primarily medical industry. All the layers of the SSMMS non-woven fabric are combined together by either thermal, mechanical, or chemical means which allow for it to emerge as a single-layered fabric.

Among the numerous benefits SSMMS non-woven fabric provides, some are:

  • Filtration.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Low-pressure drop.
  • Resistance against wear and tear.

The fabric is used to manufacture a number of products that are used in the medical and hygiene industry, this includes:

  • The uses of SSMMS non-woven fabric for making of feminine care products.
  • The uses of SSMMS non-woven fabric for making of baby and adult diapers.
  • The uses of SSMMS non-woven fabric for making of medical and protective gowns and coveralls whether for medical or industrial purposes.
  • The uses of SSMMS non-woven fabric for making of facial masks. Due to the recently ensued pandemic of COVID-19, the demand for facial and surgical masks is at an all-time high.
  • The uses of SSMMS non-woven fabric for making of disposable hospital wearables.
Plain Blue SSMMS Non Woven Fabric, GSM: 100-150, Akhandjyoti ...

The fabric possesses unique properties which include:

  • SSMMS non-woven fabric possesses a strong and uniform structure.
  • Since SSMMS non-woven fabric is made with the combination of multiple layers of Spunbond and Meltblown non-woven fabric, it has a unique balance of strength and softness which makes it comfortable and reliable at the same time.
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric also has excellent barrier properties against particles and liquids; this makes it perfect to be used for protective wearables at the hospital or for industrial clean rooms.
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric can also be treated to develop a number of properties including antistatic properties, antiseptic and skincare properties, hydrophilicity, etc.
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric can be treated to become extra soft and comfortable. This is popular when it is used for making diapers and women sanitary products.
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric can be treated to provide UV protection as well
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric has a basic weight as low as 8gsm and as high as 80gsm.
  • SSMMS non-woven fabric is available in different colours.

SSMMS non-woven fabric is resistant to sweat, blood, and saliva which makes it suitable for a number of medical or hospital-based applications. The usual composition of SSMMS non-woven fabric is pp (polypropylene). SSMMS is a high-performing medical fabric that is used for the production of a number of medical and personal fabric-based items including:

  • Medical face masks (for hospital and general use, especially amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic when wearing a facial mask is compulsory).
  • Disposable shoe covers (for medical and industrial applications).
  • Disposable caps (for medical and industrial applications).
  • Pillow covers/bags (for hospitals and hospitality industry/hotels and motels).
  • Disposable underwear and diapers.
  • Non-woven protective clothing.
  • Non-woven disposable bedsheets.
  • Medical and protective wrapping.
  • Non-woven sleeves.
  • Non-woven disposable bouffant caps.

Since SSMMS non-woven fabric is breathable, has high tensile strength, is bio-degradable hence eco-friendly, and non-toxic; it is seen as a green replacement for a lot of materials (like plastics) which can be hazardous for our environment. The fabric is regarded as strong and durable due to high tensile strength which means it superior to many of its predecessors. It has good air permeability and has strong resistance against dust and mites. It can also be treated to become heat resistant and provides insulation against heat and high temperatures.

The better the quality of the raw ingredients, the better will be the production of constituent fabrics. And better the quality of constituent fabrics, the better the quality of SSMMS non-woven fabric. This is why experienced professionals always advise to only opt for professional non-woven fabric manufacturers who have ample experience in this industry and are known to provide the good quality non-woven fabric.

SSMMS non-woven fabric offers a number of unique properties along with good tensile strength that makes it suitable for a number of applications besides the ones in the medical industry. The additional layers make it stronger and the entire structure more compact. Hence it is capable of serving a wide range of purposes that other members of its family can’t. The increased hydrophobic properties due to triple layers of Spunbond non-woven fabric and double layers of Meltblown non-woven fabric make it suitable for a wide range of applications. SSMMS remains unparalleled in its supremacy for its application is a wide range of industries.

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