Nonwoven Fabric and Types of Nonwoven Fabric

What is Nonwoven Fabric?

Nonwoven fabric is made from sheet or web structures bonded together by using a chemical, mechanical, heat, or solvent treatment. Practically, this is not made from weave or knitted, so it’s called non-woven fabric. Converting the fibers into yarn do not require here. The nonwoven fabric looks flat, sometimes may be as thin as tissue and as like porous sheets. Some Non woven fabrics may have impressive launderability, or some have to be dry cleaned.

Nonwoven Fabric
Nonwoven Fabric

Types of Nonwoven fabric

Non-woven fabric is mainly of four types.

  1. Spunbound or spun lace
  2. Airlaid
  3. Dry-laid
  4. Wet-laid

Spunbound Non woven fabric is made from a steady process of fibers spun and immediately dispersed into a web-like deflector also can be directed with air streams at a faster belt speed.


Airlaid Nonwoven is a term that refers to manufacturing technology, and it is produced from a web from short fibers. The commercial grades of Airlaid are naturally 85 to 90 % biodegradable.


Drylaid nonwoven is made from staple fibers, and the fibers are opened and mixed before processing. A huge range of fibers is used as Drylaid like synthetic fabrics, including viscose, carbon fibers, and natural fibers.


The Wet-laid Nonwovens are made by the modified papermaking process, and this process is similar to the paper manufacturing method.

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